Un esfuerzo de colaboración de los distritos  de Texas y Oklahoma Iglesia del Nazareno.

A Collaborative Effort of Church of the Nazarene districts in Texas and Oklahoma.



Peniel School of Ministry exists to prepare both clergy and laity to be used of God in “holy Christian fellowship, the conversion of sinners, the entire sanctification of believers, their upbuilding in holiness, and the simplicity and spiritual power manifest in the primitive New Testament church, together with the preaching of the gospel to every creature.”

  • core values

    CORE VALUES...  "the generation that seeks your face, O God of Jacob"  Psalm 24:6


    Peniel School of Ministry...

    • is CHRISTIAN first and foremost.  We believe Jesus Christ is Lord; that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as articulated in historic Trinitarian creeds; that Christian faith is rooted in Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience, as acknowledged in our Wesleyan-Holiness heritage.
    • teaches and urges upon all believers the promise of HOLINESS.  Holiness is Christlikeness of character. We affirm a definite work of grace by the Holy Spirit, who cleanses us from all sin and fills our hearts with Himself and pure love for God and others.
    • is MISSIONAL.  God's church is called by God, empowered by God, and sent by God on His mission of worship, ministry through evangelism and compassion, discipleship of believers, and Christian education.
    • is birthed in and exists in large part to train regional leaders in CORPORATE PRAYER, CHURCH PLANTING, and CHURCH RENEWAL.
  • history

    The Peniel School of Ministry was birthed January 14, 2015, at Northside Church of the Nazarene in Fort Worth.  Fourteen representatives of the West Texas, Dallas, South Texas, and Texas-Oklahoma Latin Districts approved the joint venture to launch a program of 24 courses that allows students to satisfy educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene in as little as 3 years.


    Peniel, which means "face of God," is significant in biblical history and Holiness movement history.

    • In Genesis 32 the patriarch Jacob has his defining encounter with God.  At the end of the wrestling match, Jacob had his new name, as did the nation that would come from him:  Israel.  And Jacob gave a new name to the place of his face-to-face encounter: Peniel.
    • In 1894 Phineas Bresee, who would start the Church of the Nazarene the next year, inaugurated a Los Angeles mission to the poor with a sermon on Genesis 32.  The name of the mission:  Peniel Hall.
    • In 1899 Texas Holiness University was founded, and Holiness legends like A. M. Hills, Edgar P. Ellyson, Buddy Robinson, and James B. Chapman made its community their home.  The town soon adopted a constitution that made holiness its foundation.  The name of the Texas enclave:  Peniel.
    • In the 1920s Texas Holiness University was relocated to Bethany, Oklahoma.  The new name of the institution:  Bethany-Peniel College (now Southern Nazarene University).

    Peniel School of Ministry director Keith Megehee said, "We see a culture of broken people all around us.  I believe God is calling Peniel at a strategic time to train leaders for a 'generation that seeks your face, O God of Jacob.' (Psalm 24:6)"














Rev. Juan Vázquez-Pla

Spanish coordinator





PSM is governed by a board of directors appointed by the district superintendents of the Dallas, South Texas, West Texas, and Texas Oklahoma Latin districts of the Church of the Nazarene.


Mr. Dan DavissonWest Texas District Finance Officer, Treasurer Dr. Jim FitzgeraldDallas District Rev. Chris GallowayDallas District Rev. Mark Ramsey
West Texas District
 Rev. Ubaldo Salazar
Texas Oklahoma Latin District
 Rev. Bob Seal
South Texas District
 Rev. Randall Wyles
South Texas District
Dr. David Downs
West Texas District Superintendent, Chairperson


Rev. Caleb Herrera
Texas Oklahoma Latin District Superintendent,

Vice Chairperson


Rev. Keith Megehee


Rev. Sam Flores
South Texas District, Finance Chairperson


Mr. Montie Brown
Dallas District Assistant, Secretary


Rev. Corey Jones
West Texas District, pastor of host church Crossroads Tabernacle

Each adjunct professor at Peniel School of Ministry is approved by Nazarene Bible College and has earned, at a minimum, a Master's degree in his or her field of instruction from an accredited institution.


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Courses will be offered initially at host church Crossroads Tabernacle in Fort Worth, with remote classrooms set up across Texas and Oklahoma.  Peniel's relationship with the Alliance Program of Nazarene Bible College will make it possible for students to receive full collegiate credit.  A course rotation in Spanish is being developed that will be similar to the course rotation in English, which is provided below (Una rotación de los cursos en español se está desarrollando, y  será similar a la rotación de los cursos en Inglés, que se proporciona a continuación):

Fall Term

Winter Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Old Testament Survey

Spiritual Formation

The Practice of Christian Ministry

Pastoral Care/Counseling

New Testament Survey

English Composition I

OT Pentateuch

Western World to Medieval Age

Biblical Interpretation

Global Evangelism or NT Gospels

Christian Preaching I

Western World to Modern Age

Nazarene History/Polity

Doctrine of Holiness

Intro Christian Education

Church Administration/Finance


Spiritual Formation

The Practice of Christian Ministry

Philosophy & Christian Ethics

OT Hebrew Prophets

Old Testament Survey

English Composition I

NT Gospels or Pauline Epistles

Systematic Theology I

Biblical Interpretation

New Testament Survey

Christian Preaching II

Systematic Theology II

Nazarene History/Polity

Doctrine of Holiness

Developing a Missional Church

Global Evangelism

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  • How will I be evaluated?

    The grading scale is derived from Nazarene Bible College policy and appears in each course syllabus.  The syllabus also specifies the format of the student portfolio, containing all the student's coursework, that must be submitted at course end for credit.  Grades will be issued to the student and the appropriate district ministerial studies board by PSM after all assignments have been graded.

    A student may opt for pass-fail grade only if his or her the district ministerial board of education has notified the director in writing that it will accept pass-fail grades and only if the student makes request for a pass-fail grade to the director in writing prior to the second class session.

    A student may submit a written request for the grade "I" (incomplete) when unforeseeable, catastrophic circumstances have prevented the completion of all coursework.  This must be communicated in writing to the professor and director before the final due date of class materials, On the approval of the professor and director, the student may receive one extension up to two weeks.  If the student fails to submit all course work by the agreed extension deadline, the student will receive a failing mark for the class.

  • Can I get College credit for a course?

    Peniel School of Ministry is affiliated with Nazarene Bible College (nbc.edu) through the Alliance for Ministry Education.  Students who are accepted at NBC and who satisfactorily complete Peniel courses may submit their course portfolios to NBC.  The portfolio evaluation process allows a student to earn up to 72 hours of 120-128 credit hours needed to earn a BA at NBC.  For information about portfolio evaluation and posting fees or admission requirements, contact Cheryl Graves, director for the Alliance for Ministry Education (cagraves@nbc.edu).

  • What are the Attendance requirements?

    Peniel functions under a "no absence" attendance expectation.  Students should have the same expectation of class attendance that they have of being present at Sunday services in which they have platform responsibility.

    Peniel instructors keep roll and record the number of class absences, including absences for part of a class meeting.  A student is absent when he or she is not physically present in a Peniel-approved classroom during the scheduled meeting time of the class.  Viewing a recorded session does not count as being present but is an expectation of students who miss a class.

    Minimum student attendance requirements are an accreditation standard and are not negotiable.  There is no official distinction between excused and unexcused absences in these standards.  A grade of "F" will be assigned to any student misses more than 30% of scheduled class time.

    In the case of conflicts with important events on a district or inclement weather that closes schools at a remote classroom site, the instructor may provide for makeup class sessions.  If a class is cancelled, the instructor will reschedule it.

  • How much time will I need to invest?

    The Sourcebook on Ordination (Church of the Nazarene, USA version) paragraph 437.2 advises, “The course of study is a significant educational experience. Each course of study curriculum, however it is delivered, must be equivalent to three years of full-time, college-level study. It will take time and effort to complete.”  The guideline for each course at Peniel is a minimum of 107.5 hours of engaged student learning, including time spent in and out of class.  Students should consider classwork a life priority in preparation for ministry and ordination.

  • How do I withdraw from a class?

    A student may withdraw from a class by discussing the issue with the professor and notifying the registrar of intent to drop the class by filling out the withdrawal form.

    for the withdrawal form.  If a student withdraws from a class prior to the second class session, $70 of the tuition will be refunded.  If a student registers for credit in a course and then opts to audit the course prior to the second class session, $70 of the tuition will be refunded.  No other tuition or late registration fees will be refunded. After the first session, no tuition or late registration fee will be refunded.

    A student may withdraw from a course before the second half of the scheduled class sessions (i.e., before the sixth session of a class that meets for eleven sessions) by submitting a completed DROP/ADD form to the registrar.  The student who drops the class before the mid-point will receive no grade for the class.

    A student may change from credit status to audit status for a course before the second half of the scheduled class sessions by submitting a completed DROP/ADD form to the registrar.  That student will receive a grade of “AU” for the course.  No ordination credit is provided for “AU” grades.

    A student registered for course credit who does not officially withdraw or change to audit status will receive a letter grade for the course.

  • Can I audit a class?

    The cost to audit a class will be $75.  A student who is registered for course credit may opt to audit the class prior to the halfway point of the class by notifying the director in writing. No tuition refunds will be given after the beginning of the second class session.  No credit toward ordination will be granted for auditing a course.

  • Can I receive an extension?

    In general, NO.  A student may submit a written request for the grade "I" (incomplete) when unforeseeable, catastrophic circumstances have prevented the completion of all coursework.  This must be communicated in writing to the professor and director before the final due date of class materials, On the approval of the professor and director, the student may receive one extension up to two weeks.  If the student fails to submit all course work by the agreed extension deadline, the student will receive a failing mark for the class.


    The Peniel School of Ministry educational model is incarnational and depends on mentoring and collegial relationships to engage students in ministry.  The overarching philosophy is that the objectives of our mission are best accomplished in the classroom.  Technology now permits students in multiple remote locations to experience learning simultaneously through connections to a host classroom.  In remote classrooms, relationships among students may be even more important than in the host classroom.  Peniel expects students to avail themselves of the classrooms provided.

    MIMIMUM IN-CLASSROOM COURSE COMPLETION.  Peniel acknowledges that circumstances such as work schedule may necessitate that a student connect on an individual basis to a class from an alternative location.  If the host class can accommodate individual student connections (i.e., software and bandwidth in the host site are sufficient), students may connect on an individual basis for up to a third of their courses. At least 16 of the 24 ordination-track classes a Peniel student completes must be in a district-approved remote or host classroom.

    ISOLATED STUDENTS. In extenuating circumstances that geographically isolate a new student from other students (a student must travel more than ~90 minutes to a classroom), the director may grant an exception to the requirement of 16 in-classroom courses upon initial enrollment.  Changes to this status (an established student moves or new students enroll in a formerly-isolated location) will be addressed by the director.

    In the event that it serves the interest of Peniel and/or a host church (only one student registers for a location, for example), Peniel may designate an alternate location (a home or work office, for example) as an approved classroom.  In that case, the student would not be considered as connecting to the class on an individual basis.

    RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT CLASSES.  The learning outcomes of particular courses (for example, Preaching I) are best met in single-location live classrooms.  The director may schedule up to 4 of the 24 ordination-track courses in live-only classrooms, without remote connections.  Residency-required classes will be offered in multiple locations and in intensive scheduling formats to maximize availability to students.


The primary live teaching location as we start will be at Crossroads Tabernacle in Fort Worth.

The classes taught here will be accessible from several satellite locations throughout the South Central Region.

 Host Church: Crossroads Tabernacle | 1470 Morrison Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76112  Amarillo First Church of the Nazarene | 5201 S. Soncy, Amarillo, TX 79119  South Austin Church of the Nazarene | 6711 Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78745  The Gathering at Midland | 3303 W. Illinois Ave., Space 2., Midland, TX 79703  Harlingen First Church of the Nazarene | 2001 N. 7th St., Harlingen, TX 78550  Houston First Church of the Nazarene | 10001 W. Sam Houston Pkwy., N, Houston, TX 77064  New Vision Community Church | 14515 O’Connor Rd., San Antonio, TX 78247  Lubbock First Church of the Nazarene | 6110 Chicago Ave., Lubbock, TX 79424  Tyler First Church of the Nazarene | 3700 Old Bullard Rd, Tyler, TX 75701  Cove Church of the Nazarene | 964 W Hwy 190, Copperas Cove, TX 76522



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Peniel School of Ministry in Alliance with Nazarene Bible College


Host Church:

Mailing address:

1470 Morrison Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76112

PHONE: 817-457-5211

Dallas and East Texas Ministerial Education Representative:Dr. Jim Fitzgeraldjnfitzgerald@sbcglobal.comSouth Texas Ministerial Education:Rev. Randall Wylesrandallwyles@juno.comTexas-Oklahoma Latin Ministerial Education Representative:Rev. Ubaldo Salazarubasalazar@gmail.comDirector:

Rev. Keith Megehee


Mrs. Judy Fraustro

Spanish Language Coordinator:

Rev. Juan Vázquez-Pla

West Texas Ministerial Education:

Rev. Mark Ramsey

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