Un esfuerzo de colaboración de los distritos  de Texas y Oklahoma Iglesia del Nazareno.

A Collaborative Effort of Church of the Nazarene districts in Texas and Oklahoma.


Peniel's baseline 24-course sequence is designed to meet educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene for districts that have approved an Alliance with Nazarene Bible College.  Additional courses are expected to be offered to enhance the minister's preparation and lifelong learning.

BIB 1013    Introduction to the Old Testament

BIB 1023    Introduction to the New Testament

BIB 1033    Biblical Interpretation (prerequisites:  BIB 1013 or BIB 1023, ENG 1013)

BIB 2013    Pentateuch (prerequisites: BIB 1013 and BIB 1033)

BIB 2033    New Testament Gospels (prerequisites: BIB 1023 and BIB 1033)

BIB 2053    Pauline Epistles (prerequisites: BIB 1023 and BIB 1033)

BIB 3013    Hebrew Prophets (prerequisites: BIB 1013 and BIB 1033)


CEM 1003  Introduction to Christian Educational Ministries


ENG 1013  English Composition I


HIS 2013    Western World in Ancient & Medieval Times

HIS 2023    Western World & the Emerging Society


OTR 2013   Global Evangelism




OTR 4013  Developing a Missional Church


PHI 4013    Philosophy & Christian Ethics


PAS 1023   Spiritual Formation

PAS 2013   The Practice of Christian Ministry

PAS 3033   Christian Preaching I  (recommended prerequisite:  BIB 1033)

PAS 3043   Christian Preaching II  (prerequisite:  PAS 3033)

PAS 2023   History & Polity of the Church of the Nazarene

PAS 3023   Pastoral Care & Counseling

PAS 4023   Church Administration & Finance


THE 1043   Exploring Christian Holiness  (prerequisite:  THE 3033 and 6 BIB courses)

THE 3023   Systematic Theology I

THE 3033   Systematic Theology II  (prerequisite:  THE 3023)